Paulownia skins, are thin boards used for the construction of wooden surfboards. The unique characteristics of this sustainably sourced timber - flexible, lightweight and the fact that it doesn’t absorb water once shaped and oiled - make it ideal for surfboard construction.

Boards are offered either rough sawn or planed finished.

The main characteristics of a Paulownia surfboard skin are:

•   A sustainable source
•   Fine and soft grain: Admits paints, varnishes and lacquers very well.
•   Resistant: Good resistance to moisture and putrefaction.
•   Extremely light: The “aluminium” of the woods. 260 kg/m3.
•   Practically knot-free making the timbers easier to work with.

The standard thickness of planed Paulownia for wooden surfboards is 5mm. Variations +1 or -1mm are available through enquiry.

The standard thickness of rough sawn Paulownia timber for wooden surfboards is 7-8mm.

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