It all started with 'the search' ... not for waves but for a new board. Matt aspired to having a custom board shaped in the UK to not only meet his specifications and support a UK shaper, but also to avoid the carbon footprint of an import.

It was a shock at how challenging it was to search out a shaper that could make a more sustainably crafted surfboard, 'There must be other surfers out there in the same predicament!'?

To break Matt free of his perpetual musing long time band mate and surfing compadre Dan jumped in. With Danny’s endless enthusiasm and appetite for kicking challenges in the face the ECHO journey began.



Danny Jenks

Worked in live events and large scale catering operations for 20+ years

Disillusioned with over-supply and associated waste in the food, clothing and travel industries

Runs a Creative Agency and sees massive potential in a shift in surf culture as a force for societal good 

Matt Rogers

Graphic designer with 20+ years experience in the branding, packaging and marketing creative industry

A dad of three trying to make ‘better decisions’ with a compulsion to ‘do something about it’

Lived most of his life on a skateboard but now a permanent fixture in the waters of the Devonshire coast



Society is approaching a tipping point for change and we wanted to take action! To become the UK's one stop surf shop for all things eco.



- To uplift the UK surf eco surf community

- Table the eco surf offer as a mainstream offer

- Challenge any preconceptions of eco surfboards and products by offering a desirable lifestyle brand

- Support the UK grass roots shapers movement

- To integrate into the UK surf scene with respect

- Eco surf supplies offered with a 'no finger wagging' or preachy approach