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Ocean Republic x ECHO - 6'2” to 6’8” Fish Board Bag

Ocean Republic x ECHO - 6'2” to 6’8” Fish Board Bag

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These board bags are hand made in Cornwall and made from 99% recycled materials that have been sourced locally.

The outer material is made from hardwearing double laminate sail cloth and the inner material is made from Code Zero a lightweight sail cloth, again extremely hard wearing.

The padding inside is made from recycled wetsuits that have been thoroughly cleaned and cut to fit.

Every board bag we make is unique and made to the highest quality by sail makers with over 30 years experience.

• Each board bag comes with a carry handle and a shoulder strap.

• The images shown are for illustration purposes only, as stated each board bag is unique and create using the materials available at the time so will look different, but we think that's one of the coolest things about them.

• Each order is tailored made, so please bare in mind that it will take a period of four to five weeks for your board bag to be made. The advantage is that you can specify the dimensions and features you would like.

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