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Paulownia Wood

Paulownia Wood

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Our paulownia skins for wooden surfboards are thin boards used for the construction of hollow wooden surfboards.

Paulownia wood has unique characteristics for the construction of wooden surfboards. Due to its flexibility, lightweight and the fact that it doesn’t absorb water once shaped and oiled, paulownia wood has become the preferred choice for the construction of wooden surfboards.

Boards are offered either rough sawn or planed finished.

Main characteristics of our paulownia skins are:
• Sustainable source: Grown locally. 
• Fine and soft grain: Admits very well paints, varnishes and lacqers.
• Resistant: Great resistance to moisture and putrefaction. 
• Extremely light: The “aluminum” of the woods. 260 kg/m3.
• Practically knot-free.

The standard thickness of our planed finished paulownia skins for wooden surfboards is 5mm. If you need either 4 or 6mm thickness, please specify before requesting the order.

The standard thickness of our rough sawn finished paulownia skins for wooden surfboards is 7-8mm.

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