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Sieve Fins - 8" Single Fin, Sand

Sieve Fins - 8" Single Fin, Sand

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The Sieve sustainable 8'0 Single Fin is made from recycled plastic and suits Longboards, Mid-Lengths, Eggs & Vee Bottoms.

This fin has a narrow base and a raked tip with light flex, making it perfect for speed and smooth turns. Can also be surfed as 2+1. Comes with stainless steel screw and plate

Produced from recycled plastic bottle caps, collected, cleaned and processed in Germany. Designed and built in Germany using the shortest production paths possible.

  • Ideal Board: Mid-Lengths to logs
  • Works well in a 2+1 set up
  • Material: Recycled bottle caps + Fibre
  • The surface of our surf fin is upgraded by a shallow 0.2 mm texturing
  • Compatibility: U.S. System

Colour disclaimer

The colour of some fins can deviate slightly from those displayed due to the use of recycled material and the aim to avoid any waste.

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